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Awards and Recognitions

2018 TEACHER OF THE YEAR - Ms Flor Cuevas

Flor Cuevas


The Teacher of the Year Program honors teachers with a strong commitment to their students, school and community. Teachers of the Year are recognized for their excellence, creativity and ability to make a difference in the lives of their students.


Graham is very proud of Ms Flor Cuevas, 6th grade teacher, for receiving this honor.  


One of Ms Cuevas' greatest joys is witnessing students gain confidence and foster perseverance within themselves. She has a Multiple Subject Credential along with a Math and English Supplementary Credential. She completed her teacher preparation at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Ms Cuevas is an advocate for her students, their families, their communities, and her profession. She has been teaching for 10 years.  Graham is very proud of Ms Cuevas, a dedicated professional and exemplary teacher.

Hero in Education Award - Ms Jennifer Lashley

Jennifer Lashley


"Selecting Ms. Jennifer Lashley as our Hero In Education was a very easy task. She consistently goes "Above and Beyond" her regular duties by donating her personal time and excellent technology skills to the entire school community. But what makes her truly unique is her commitment to seeing our students beyond their

life circumstances. She fully understands that students are often viewed and judged by where they live, but to her, this idea is a motivating factor. She is passionate and caring, but more importantly proactive in elevating student success, especially in the sciences. Having been awarded a technology grant, she secured Graham's

very own VEX robot which students  programed to compete in February 2017. She is also actively writing grants to furnish a new STEAM lab. She knows that the students need a "maker space" to nurture creativity and to enhance critical thinking. In other words, she is a committed and passionate believer and knows that

inner city students are very capable of thriving in science-related learning. She is creating a pathway for the future scientists, engineers, computer programmers, and innovators. She is active and changing the conventional narrative about South Los Angeles schools and students."